Key Features To Look Out For When Buying A Laptop

Android Chromebook

The key features to look out for when buying a laptop are subjective. However, a good screen and durability will always be expected, whether a laptop is primarily used for gaming, or to compose text. The internet will also be something that a laptop user will be expected to have access to. As fibre optic broadband continues to grow in ... Read More »

5 Ways to Discover Hot New Music and Bands Online


Music is one of those universal languages that people from all cultures and walks of life can appreciate, even if they don’t understand the words or how the sounds are made. We all have the ability to be deeply moved by a symphony, to feel compelled to dance by a thumping house beat, or to find personal meaning in a ... Read More »

Starting a Blog: 5 Major Reasons to Use WordPress

Blogs. They have certainly come a long way. Not only are they used as a way to share random thoughts or how-to tips, but they are also incorporated into news portals and there are even celebrity bloggers who make a comfortable living blogging full-time (in part, because they have people who advertise on their pages). So, if you’re someone who’s ... Read More »

Apple Launches New CarPlay System

There’s something really fascinating about living in this era of technology. That’s because it seems like literally every day, there is an announcement of something new that has made its way into the marketplace. Take Apple’s CarPlay system, for example. If you’re not familiar with what it is, basically CarPlay is a more convenient—and also safer—way to use your iPhone ... Read More »

5 Major Benefits of Adding Custom Video to Your Website

Video Set for Episode 02 (Tables)

Video moves and it is fluid, which is something that still photographs can’t offer. When it comes to website design, there are many ways to attract visitors and to keep them engaged, but more than any other medium, video has the power to capture someone’s attention quickly. This ability to engage visitors is important, especially if you have an online ... Read More »

5 Google Penalty Prevention and Recovery Tips

Google’s Blunder –The Over Optimization Penalty

A Google penalty can end up blacklisting your website into oblivion. Considering that Google is the preeminent search engine – not just rivaling, but dwarfing the competition – a penalty could be very bad for business. When it comes down to it, a penalty could decrease sales by an astonishing 60%. In an effort to provide web users with quality ... Read More »

5 Basic Principles of Flat Web Design

Web Design Toronto

If you have opened a computer or switched on your smart device, there is a good chance that you have noticed an aesthetic change in web design. This change includes stronger colors and a clearer delineation from the background. You may also notice an almost complete elimination of drop shadows, which were all the rage only a couple of years ago. ... Read More »

Five High Tech Gadgets to Amp Up A Home Theatre

Five High Tech Gadgets to Amp Up A Home Theatre

When it comes to building a home theater, the products available on the market are a gadget junkie’s dream. More than just a big screen TV, surround sound, and a recliner, these home theater gadgets are ingenious, all-around awesome, and award-worthy. Surround Sound Chair Instead of an average recliner that’s only claim to fame is its reclining abilities with an ... Read More »

The Path to Becoming a Successful Audio Engineer

Marq Torien Bullet Boys "Audio Engineering"

While the terms civil and electrical engineers are a commonplace, an audio engineer on the other hand may be slightly unheard of. But from the description itself, you can infer that this profession has something to do with sounds and how to manipulate them. Audio engineering is a branch of engineering that concentrates on sound recording, reproduction, and storage. Engineers ... Read More »

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